Did you get a DO NOTHING CLUB T-shirt in size Small Medium or Large between 16 June and 12 July 2018? The shirt probably Ripped open by just wearing or washing. We have sold 49 shirts from a faulty batch of fabric. Please contact us at and possibly send  a picture of the problem with the shirt. (maybe it came out of the washing machine with a hole in it)

We will refund you the shirt or send an alternative. We are super sorry you bought a defected shirt from us and this is not the quality you can expect from us. It appears the fabric was woven with a wrong configuration of threads making the fabric unstable and easily tearing open. super sorry and i hope we can correct the problem for you :)

The problem happened only in the Men's / unisex t-shirt and not in the female version with the pinstripe.


Refund in the EU: please provide bank details in the email.

Refund outside E.U? we can refund to a paypall account, or send the amount to an Ethereum or Ripple XRP address  refunding to a US bank account is not possible because the bank cost would be bigger than the refund amount itself.